6 Things Each Performance Coach Should Do

3 min read
08 Mar

Performance coaching in the corporate sector works to enhance the performance of the employees. It provides counseling that can help your workforce assess themselves, improve and perform better to achieve the goals set out initially by organizations.

Whether you own a multinational company with head offices all over UAE or an SME in Dubai, it’s vital for an organization to work with its employees to achieve its goals. It’s essential for employers to coach their employees using effective coaching techniques and to ensure that their performance remains aligned to preset standards.

To help your employees keep up their workplace performance, they need continuous assessment, mentoring and feedback. Performance coaches can help keep employees on the right track.

By opting for the best corporate training in Dubai, you are training your employees to become effective performance coaches and mentoring your entire workforce! The article aims to highlight what skills a competent performance coach should have.

Qualities of an effective performance coach at workplace

For effective performance coaching, it’s essential to possess a set of qualities and skills. Without the basics, the performance coaching may not have the results anticipated leading to a demotivated, disturbed and unfocused workforce. Read on to know more about the skills required:

Listen carefully

Listening is not only about nodding your head in response; it’s about listening clearly and being interested in what they have to say.  Impatience and a lack of attention when they’re speaking tend to block any attempts for a dialogue.

Also, it's essential to keep interjections to a minimum and to let them speak. Stay focused and pace conversations to keep track of time.

Reflect accurately

When coaching employees, it's important to show them that you’re listening and you’ve understood their point. To respond, you can always paraphrase what they've mentioned, summarize to highlight essential points or repeat impactful words that they used.

Question further

For further information, and to show interest, ask them questions. Ask open-ended questions as they give more chances for exploration. In addition, they can look for answers themselves. Once they have the answer, they’ll feel empowered.

Provide feedback

The whole concept behind feedbacks is to provide an opportunity for employees to improve and succeed in the workplace. The most successful coaches know that negative feedback can cause a feeling of inadequacy in the employees and stifle their attempts at working hard.

Moreover, Feedback shouldn’t be arrogant or ambiguous, and the best performance coaches know that. Furthermore the top tier companies of the UAE ensure effective employee feedback to keep up performance.

Here’s what needs to be kept in mind during coaching sessions:

  • Focus on the future and not the past
  • Make requests, don’t blame
  • Appreciate people, give feedback on certain behavior

Focus on goals

Coaching itself is goal-focused, so it's essential that a performance coach have the ability to inculcate the importance of goals in employees. Whether its formal goals with different models and frameworks or the use of simple questions to help employees focus on goals, it’s important for performance coaches to have this skill!

Show empathy

For naturally empathetic people, performance coaching comes naturally, however for people who aren't overly empathetic, it's important to imagine yourself in the other person’s shoes to become a competent performance coach.

The best performance coaches aren’t born, they’re created. The amalgamation of the skills mentioned above, in your employees can help create the best performance coaches. All you need to do is opt for the best soft skills training that offers performance coaching courses. With the best training courses, there’s no going wrong.

Take away

The right skills can work effectively to create the best performance coaches among your employees. Opt for the best training courses, offered by professionals and your employees are set to become the best performers thanks to their in-house coaches and mentors!