How Millennial Leaders Can Develop Integrity?

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21 Mar

Integrity is a valued attribute in leaders. Leaders who work with honesty, unshakable principles and morals, and do everything right at all times, even in the most difficult of situations and when no one is looking, are leaders with integrity! In a survey, approximately 75% of employees listed “integrity” as a quality essential for leadership.

In the UAE, about 50.9% males and 51.7% of females make up the millennial workforce. With such a large chunk working today to grab leadership positions in the present and the futures, it important for individuals to realize the important traits of leaders and work to acquire them!

Develop Integrity in Millennial Leaders

Although experts say that leaders are born, it's possible to create corporate leaders by internalizing some essential attributes such as integrity. It is crucial for employees to undergo leadership training that can help them to lead. The best leadership training in Dubai can work wonders for leaders and help them acquire traits never seen in them.  

The article highlights why integrity is an important aspect and how it can be acquired while leading:

How to develop integrity in millennial leaders

Most leaders do not possess “Integrity”. The lack of integrity may result in a workforce that doesn’t respect what the leader has to say or their point of views. Through everyday actions, both minor and significant, it is possible to acquire it. Read on to know how integrity can be developed through practical means:

Practice honesty

For millennial leaders hoping to gain integrity in the eyes of their employees, it is essential, to be honest, and to treat people the best way possible. In a work environment where teams are working together to fulfill objectives, it's important to praise contributions made by the team members. At the same time, it's essential the successes not be exaggerated and dealt with subtleness.

Be held Accountable

A leader is someone who is accountable. And not just to their superiors! The leader is also accountable for the actions relevant to staff and their peers.  A leader with integrity is a fair individual who caters to everyone in the workforce with an unbiased, fair approach.

Conduct Self-audits

A leader knows how important self-improvement.  It's important to think about oneself and how one can achieve the traits of people leaders admire.  It’s important to self reflect and determine the success of these efforts.

2nd party audits

Along with self-reflection, it's important to know how others view you; team members, peers, superiors and staff. For this, talk to the most important contacts both inside and outside your firm about how well you're doing and how you should improve.

Be vulnerable if needed

A leader with integrity understands that everyone can make mistakes. Knowing this, in the case of an error they commit, they are willing to apologize and accept their fault. In addition, they are leaders and are sure to determine a strategy or way around it.

Take away for leadership integrity

A leader without integrity is hardly a leader! Luckily, it’s a quality that can be acquired through vigorous leadership training. To create effective leaders with integrity in your millennial workforce, opt for leadership training. With the best training sessions, create a workforce that’s the best type of leader; a leader with integrity!


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