Top Mistakes The Best Business Negotiators Never Make

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27 May

The UAE is a region that offers huge potential for business growth. But business growth requires to give and take between parties and a professionally handled negotiation process that leads the give and take!

Professional negotiations are essential as they provide companies an edge when it comes to negotiating positions and stance in critical business deals. A professionally conducted negotiation can create long-lasting ties between big parties. A poorly conducted negotiation often has the opposite effect and ends up destroying even the longest standing relationships between companies!

Top Mistakes The Best Business Negotiators Never Make

If your employees lack professional business negotiation skills, no worries, as these skills can be learned, implement negotiation skills training in your workplace and allow your employees to turn into the most skilled negotiators. The article highlights the essential mistakes that the best negotiators never make.

Top mistakes the best business negotiators never make

From coming unprepared to a session to presenting a dominant stance during the negotiations, from negotiating to win, to becoming emotional and making a bad decision; experts in professional negotiation steer clear from making critical mistakes. Read on to know what these negotiation issues include:

Make the last offer

The whole point of a negotiation is to reach a mutually acceptable alternative. And using the words “this is our last offer” is catastrophic for the talks.

Since proposing this may come forward as a dominant stance, it may cause the other party to back away. The best negotiators often use artificial deadlines instead of ultimatums in order to encourage other parties to decide within the time frames.

Not being prepared

Coming prepared to negotiation is essential to provide the conflicting parties the impression that the negotiation is in professional hands. Also, the negotiators come off as a confident part of the team who know what needs to be done, and the teams are ready to listen to the negotiator.

Make it about winning

Even if it’s the negotiators having a stronger position, the negotiation should not be about winning.  It's important to allow both the parties to feel that they’ve achieved something and lost just a little.

Besides, it’s also essential to stop at the appropriate time rather than putting any future negotiations at risk of destroying corporate future corporate relationships permanently.

Make it about emotions

Although the outcome of the negotiation should matter to the negotiator, however, not so much as to prevent him from walking away and making a bad decision instead. Negotiators have the ability to turn their backs to the negotiation, putting them in stronger positions because they have little left to lose.

Make it about talking not listening

Successful negotiation is about listening to the other parties and speaking less. Areas of agreement between the two parties can only be found in case the negotiators listen to other parties. Important listening skills are essential for successful negotiations.

Listening allows an understanding of what the other parties want and how they think it can be accomplished. Shared interests may work out if listened closely and if their motivations and interests are understood.

Take Away for negotiation skills

Negotiations remain an essential aspect of reaching important business decisions when other parties are concerned. However, it’s also common for negotiators to make careless mistakes during negotiations.

Not only are these mistakes costly to the company and the project at hand, but they may also affect the future relationships of the businesses. Opt for corporate training courses in Dubai to guide the employees in the matter of negotiations and to teach them how professional negotiators work!

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