Why Stress Management Training is Essential for Employees

3 min read
26 Feb

Stress is a big issue worldwide. World Health Organization (WHO) calls it the second largest contributor to other health issues. Another Gulf News report, published in 2018 shows stress has affected 80 percent of the UAE population. Work or home, people feel greater stress levels today than ever before.

At the workplace, stress affects an individual’s performance directly. It makes him less productive, less responsive, and unable to deal with pressure. Rising stress levels can even turn into depression - the leading cause of disability across the world, informs WHO.

Why Stress Management Training is Important

To deal with stress, individuals use different tricks. Some people take a walk, some enjoy quality music and some join yoga classes. But it becomes harder to manage in the workplace. You can’t take a walk, listen to music or start yoga there!

Is there any way out? Yes, there is a practical way to empower your employees to deal with stress. Find the best training companies in Dubai and request them to start a stress management training program. It proves to be highly effective and helpful. Check out the reasons why stress management training is essential to your employees.

Reasons stress management training is essential

Many people think stress management is beyond control in the workplace. They think it is an innate ability. However, psychologists think otherwise. Stress is totally manageable. You only need a good trainer to help your employees deal with it.

Doubles Productivity

According to WHO, stress can make your employees less productive. It can affect their creativity and problem-solving skills. While stress management training trains the participants to manage pressure in a better way. The activities involved in this training type, makes the individuals think creatively, feel less burdened and resolve their issues.

Fewer Leaves

Did you know most employees take days off when they are over-stressed? Many times, medical leaves are basically ‘psychological leaves’. So, if your employees are trained to deal with stress, they are less likely to take more leaves and be more present.

Motivates the Employees

Sometimes, bonuses, rewards and other favors by employers don’t work. The workforce will still be angry and blaming the company (for any reason). This is a sign of stress. Training them to handle stress helps them more than anything else. They feel more encouraged and more motivated.

Positive Company Culture

Healthier and happier employees can help create a positive image and company culture. Manageable stress levels can keep them optimistic. And this will have a great impact on your organization.

Employee Retention

Employee retention is a big challenge for many companies. Brighter employees are less likely to stay in a company that has a higher stress level. While companies investing in different training and development programs are feeling safer as this is enabling them to retain their talented lot.

Greater Job Satisfaction

The rate of employees who are satisfied with their jobs is very low. Conducting training programs that can help train and impart new skills (technical and soft skills) is a great strategy for increasing the number of employees who are satisfied with their jobs.


Stress management is a crucial skill that a few individuals know. This can be learned from professional trainers. Look for professional training companies who can offer effective stress management training programs to you.