6 Skills Leadership Training Helps Implant In Millennial Managers

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14 Dec

Digital natives, Millennials, in other words, make up about 50 .9 % males and 51.7 % females are between 20 to 34 years of age. The increasing numbers should be supporting the readiness of millennials to become managers.

However, according to a survey, 55 % of respondents believe in millennial managers being ill-equipped to perform the roles of managers. The numbers may be proof of the extensive training requirements of millennial managers but they little to teach them the required skills. 

Skills Leadership for Millennial Managers

For millennial managers to perform well in their managerial positions, they need to have an extensive set of skills that can help them not only lead but work with their team to create a productive workforce. Opt for experts providing leadership training courses in Dubai to help out your managers and to develop future leaders of your workforce!

Six Essential Skills Leadership Training Helps Gain:

Here is a list of leadership skills that leadership training can help your millennial managers inculcate in the corporate environment:

1) Creating strong relationships

Millennials may be excelling at collaboration and teamwork, but the dependency on digital devices can be a significant concern. According to a survey, 93 %of the millennials in the workplace referred to the technology as being the most important aspect of a workplace.

The interactions through text have made face to face interactions a seldom sight but in order to become good leaders, it's important to put away technology and to get to really know people.

Over the email and social media, inspiring trust can be difficult and even more so if the corresponding party isn't millennial. And when trust is an essential factor contributing towards the effectiveness of a team it has to be earned. This is why millennial managers should take out time to create relationships both face to face and in person. 

2) Feedback and appraisals

With the new age, millennials are working to improve how feedback is being conducted in organizations. The annual performance reviews have been replaced by feedback loops. There is a need for proper methods to give out, to receive and to implement the feedback that’s being given. It is essential for millennials to build the right communication, to gain trust and to provide feedback, performance reviews constructively.

The millennial managers today should be able to work for the effectiveness of the team and enhance their team's leadership. 

3) Decision making

Analysis and study of the internal data of the organization is important to help make important decisions which is why millennial managers should be able to analyze the data effectively.  Analysis of data through a number of angles along with the ability to draw inferences from it is an essential skill for managers.

Effective analysis of the data in important for any future decision making that is required by the department or organization.

4) Team building

Team building is an important skill that all great leaders possess. It is essential that the millennial manager work to increase the effectiveness of internal teams, allowing them to fortify their bond and strengthen the company’s workforce.

5) Talent acquisition

The cost associated with a bad hire is estimated to be around 30% of the salary of the employee's earnings in the first year. Now imagine hiring a person with a five-figured salary. It's important that the millennial managers be able to ask new talent and their references the right kind of questions.

These aren't traits that managers are born with, and they can be acquired with proper training. In the case of a bad hire, millennial managers should also possess the ability to let them go before the whole organization suffers due to the wrong decision.

6) Foresight and vision

Leaders are visionaries or visionaries are leaders, either way,  for effective leadership it is important for millennials to possess a great vision. Thinking strategically, the opportunities and threats, compatibility of the opportunities with the company's policies.

It may be easier to train millennial leaders to make decisions and to conduct appraisals, however, it's more complicated when it comes to teaching them to have a greater vision.

Take away!

Millennials may be thought of as a privileged generation without the motivation to learn and excel. However, experience and vigorous training can create effective leaders out of the least effective millennial managers.

Hire Ignite Training for professional leadership training in Dubai today and allow your millennial managers to learn the essential skills every leader should possess! 

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