Presentation Skills; What Makes A Good Presentation?

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12 Nov

According to a survey, 70% of the Americans who give presentations declare presentation skills as critical aspects determining success at work. 20% of respondents to the survey also agreed that they would excuse themselves from presentations by taking sick leaves. 

Although this may not seem serious, the fear associated with presentations is REAL! And most people, even the employees in your organization may be avoiding any opportunities to present in front of an audience!

Since presentations are an important part of almost ever work space, poor presentations may be the reason many businesses fail to attract sponsors, and leaders fail to impress teams, entrepreneurs fail to attract funding and also products fail to sell.

Tips for Makeing A Good PresentationPresentation Skills

For businesses of all types, all sizes and all sorts, this is a HUGE price to pay for neglecting the importance of teaching your employees such an essential skill.

So what happens if your employees lack presentation skills? Who should you turn to?

Don’t fret! numerous training companies are now offering training courses in Dubai relevant to corporate industry to help the corporations build their workforce. From communication skills to business training, from performance enhancement to presentation skills third parties are providing an essential gateway to extensive training for your employees. 

What makes a good presentation

The text below highlights some important aspects of an excellent presentation that you and your employees can use to improve your presentation skills:

Relax the nerves!

A nervous presenter is a bad presenter. The way you conduct presentations in corporate meetings is an important aide for your future raise, increments and promotions. Experts advise presenters to get a hold of their nerves and be calm when presenting in order to get the message across.


Problems and issues may be a part of all presentations. The best way to work through any problems that may have occurred is to mention the issue and then move ahead. Stopping the presentation in order to fix the issue, and keeping the audience waiting will only cause their attention to turn towards the issue.

Be organized.

In the corporate environment, the attendees of your presentation are probably going to be your managers, superiors or pees. In case you appear unorganized or are unprepared for the meeting, it may show the attendees your unwillingness to attend the presentation though it may not have been the case.

In case the attendees feel a lack of effort on your part, not only will they consider it unprofessional but it would also contribute towards bad feedback.

Care about the topic

Enthusiastic speakers and presenters are probably the only speakers people listen to. When you present your work, propagate enthusiasm through your words and actions. A monotonous presentation, carried out in a boring manner may not only leave your audience uninterested in your presentation, but it may also not go well with your supervisors.

Make your presentations interesting

No one likes a boring presentation. Even the most boring of the employees at your workplace would like a presentation to be interesting! Ensure the use of interesting facts and figures, inserting stories about the topic in question. Interesting facts pique the interest of audiences and keep them up!

Suit up!

In the corporate environment, employees have competition, every step of the way. Even the smallest details could contribute towards you losing out on a good position. When presenting for an audience make sure your dress the part too! 

Ensure that your attire speaks business even before you begin to present your topic in front of the audience. An ill-dressed presenter does not only appear tacky but in the sight of the employers, may also be unprofessional


With presentation skills being such an important aspect of corporate success, employers are working hard to train their employees in matters of effective communication and powerful presentations skills. Although other skills may be important, however, presentation sills hold as much importance within the organization as they do outside the organization.

Training courses in the realm of professional and corporate development across the corporate sphere provide employers and employees with ample opportunity to learn these skills and implement them in their everyday dealings.

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